How the West was won: Cato Ridge& Hammarsdale Industrial

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According to Broll Property Group, the recent resurgence in interest in Durban’s Outer West has got many industrial property investors and end-users wondering “Are we missing out”?

Cato Ridge and Hammarsdale, also known as Durban’s Outer West, are ideally situated on the N3 freight corridor and are easily accessible when travelling between Durban and Johannesburg. The importance of the N3 Durban/JHB freight corridor cannot be overstated. It is by far South Africa’s major freight route and begins just 35km from Durban’s Port and equidistant from the province’s two largest cities, Durban and Pietermaritzburg. 

Anton van Weers, Senior Industrial Broker for KwaZulu-Natal Broking explains that the node is particularly exciting for several reasons: the release of the municipality’s plan for the area, the proposal to improve road fabric and infrastructure along the N3 as well as widening of the corridor. This is expected to result in improvement in traffic flow between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, as can be seen by the massive Hammarsdale/Inchanga N3 interchange upgrade currently underway.

Furthermore, some of the larger existing occupiers in the node are Safal Steel Pty Ltd, Bass Beams, Sangio Pipes, and Cato Ridge Electrical Construction, RCL Foods, Fibertex SA, Gelvenor Textiles, Bata, Coats SA, Epol, Glodina and recently, Mr Price Group Distribution Centre (20ha), Ackermans Distribution Centre (20ha), Mathe Group, Merlog Foods, Boxer Stores and Macro, says Van Weers.

The highly anticipated Cato Ridge Logistics and Intermodal Hub (Dry Port) has revitalised interest in the node, resulting in several sales of vacant serviced stands and enquiries for large factory premises in both Cato Ridge and Hammarsdale.

Why the recent resurgence?

Due to the collapse of the textile manufacturing industry in the node, in the late 1900s and early 2000s, there was an abundance of dated, dilapidated large factories and warehouses, many of which were not maintained in a number of years. However, property developers and end-users have been buying up and renovating these structures resulting in these industrial properties being valued far better than those located nearer to the Durban CBD, he adds.

For more on this very exciting node click here to download the Cato Ridge & Hammersdale – Outer West Industrial Market Report.

Author: Broll Property Group

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Hammarsdale, KwaZulu Natal

Hammarsdale is an older industrial suburb (45km from Durban’s CBD) in the heart of Durban’s Outer West on the N3 Durban/JHB corridor - an area experiencing a surge of renewed interest due to its well-priced, zoned and serviced industrial... More Info