Durban CBD

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The CBD remains the office node with the best public transport and access to the greatest amenities in Durban. Most of the amenities available to the public are in the form of street front retail outlets, convenience services, government services, museums, educational institutions and libraries.

Government tenants dominate A and B-grade buildings. Professionals and in particular the legal community of advocates and attorneys have responded well to targeted developments and have made long term commitments to the CBD. The Durban CBD’s close proximity to the port makes it a preferred node for shipping, logistics and maritime companies and related services, such as maritime legal practices or insurance companies. The CBD also attracts several large educational institutions due to the availability of public transport and easy access to outer lying areas. Conversion of office space to residential units has been a prominent trend.

The Durban CBD office market constitutes nearly half of the total office stock in KwaZulu-Natal. Half of the CBD office buildings are C-grade. The remaining half is almost equally distributed between A- and B-grade buildings.


Author: Frank Reardon

Submitted 21 Sep 18 / Views 1353